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5 Wrong Ways To Lose Weight, May You Want To Know.

5 Wrong Ways To Lose Weight.

Why lose weight? Most people are thin, beautiful, and healthy. But the same weight loss, why do others lose weight like “facelift”, the harder you lose weight, the farther away from “beauty”?
It is said that the method is as important as the effort. The following 5 ways to make you lose weight are more and more ugly. If you are using it, quickly change it!


Wrong-way 1: Treat vegetables and fruits as a meal, resulting in sagging skin
Many people think that fruits and vegetables are healthy food, so they eat it with impunity and eat this three times a day. If you are using this method of weight loss, I urge you to change it quickly. Don’t look at most of the low-calorie fruits and vegetables that are recommended during weight loss, but if you only eat these every day, it means that your protein is lacking in the intake and also lacks healthy fat intake.
What is the result of the body’s lack of protein, that is, it will make your body have no choice, so you have to break down the muscles to provide energy so that without the support of the muscles, your skin will become inelastic and become slack?

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Wrong-way 2: No staple food, yellow complexion
Compared with eating only fruits and vegetables, it is also harmful to lose weight without eating staple food. Again, the reason why we get fat is caused by excessive calorie intake. In other words, any food, whether healthy or unhealthy, will become fat as long as the calorie intake exceeds the standard. It has nothing to do with eating staple food.
Carbohydrates are essential nutrients for the human body and also an important source of energy for the body. It can also store and provide thermal energy, is an important substance that constitutes body tissues, and participates in cell composition and metabolism.

The result of a lack of carbohydrates is that you can think about what you will eat if you don’t eat staple food. This will cause us to use protein food as an energy source. If we eat too much, it will produce a lot of protein metabolism. Products and fat metabolites. These metabolites can cause hyperpigmentation, even acne, and eczema.


Wrong-way 3: Focus on exercise, ignore diet, not lean but fat
Keep your mouth open, step your legs, practice three minutes, and eat seven minutes. When losing weight, eating balance should be synchronized.
But if you are just doing exercise, but do not exercise restraint in your diet, and are used to “treating yourself” after exercise, then you are likely to lose weight because you can’t control the calories of food.
Control your daily dietary intake, and then combine with strength training and aerobic exercise to keep sweat away.


Wrong-way 4: Taking diet pills, the skin becomes worse
It’s not thin to control your mouth, and you won’t be thin when you walk your legs. This is probably the worst way to lose weight.
Weight loss pills containing hormones can cause endocrine disorders, and weight loss pills containing laxatives can cause gastrointestinal dysfunction, etc., which can cause skin deterioration, acne on the face, and spots.


Wrong-way 5: No meat, puffy body
The lack of protein will lower the osmotic pressure in the plasma. When the water in the blood vessel penetrates the blood vessel wall and enters the extravascular tissue, this is the main reason for the occurrence of edema.
In addition, meat is the main source of animal protein. As a result of the lack, it will make the human skin slack, dull, and even cause hair loss. It will make you ugly before you lose weight.


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