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What Is The Best Time Period To Exercise For Girls?

The Best Time Period To Exercise For Girls.

Many kinds of movements are used during fitness. Of course, these movements have good fitness effects. If you exercise alone, there are many benefits. But there are a lot of things about fitness, such as the best time period. So, What is the best time period to exercise for girls? Let’s take a look at the best time period.

At this time, some non-workers have plenty of time and can use the morning time to exercise. This is understandable. As long as we do well and the body can accept it, that is the best exercise time.
1. In the morning, the body’s range of motion is relatively small, and it is necessary to increase the warm-up time to make the body function active to reduce the risk of injury.
2. Don’t skip breakfast for the so-called fat loss, do not exercise on an empty stomach, it is easy to cause hypoglycemia, dizziness, and other phenomena. You need to take in the right amount of nutrients so that you have enough motivation to exercise, let you burn more calories so that the muscles are not lost.
3. If you have insomnia the night before, don’t exercise in the morning, because the training efficiency will decline.

the best time period to exercise

11-14 noon:
This time is the hottest time, it is very easy to heatstroke in outdoor exercise if you are indoor exercise, this is a good choice because the body has a higher body temperature at noon and higher flexibility.
1. Remember to add enough water before exercise to prevent electrolyte loss.
2. It is best to digest for more than 1 hour after lunch and then exercise to prevent soreness in the lower abdomen and poor consumption.

16-18 pm:
This time is the best exercise time of the day. This time happens to be off work time. At this time, the amount of oxygen is the most sufficient, which can further improve breathing and improve sports performance.
1. Eat some carbon water before exercise to supplement energy to prevent fatigue during exercise.
2. Supplement protein after exercise to allow muscles to be properly repaired, and then eat after taking a bath.


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