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A Good Way To Lose 15 Pounds A Month To Lose Weight.

A Good Way To Lose 15 Pounds A Month.

Scientific weight loss What is a good way to lose 15 pounds a month? Weight loss is called the life of a woman. For us who eat food, weight loss is really a difficult event. There are so many weight loss methods and weight loss products on the Internet, which one is the scientific weight-loss method? Interested friends, let’s take a look together.


A scientific way to lose 15 pounds a month
1. Don’t sacrifice your life for dieting
Sometimes, you will find that you do not meet the standards of a healthy diet. Regardless of whether you are having a business lunch with your team, having a birthday, or on a special occasion, there are always things that prevent you from eating healthy. Even if you have to make sacrifices for certain things in life, losing weight must be a top priority. My response to this was to exchange for a day on the weekend when I was not on a diet. In other words, if I did not diet on Tuesday, for example, I could use Saturday instead.

lose 15 pounds a month

2. Insist on weighing every day
You will find that almost every dieter will tell you that you only need to weigh yourself once a week. I suggest the exact opposite. Because of the success in the face, I am happy to see the daily (weight loss) results. The reason why I recommend buying an electronic scale with an accuracy of 0.2 is that if 170.8 pounds were weighed out the day before and 170.0 pounds the next day, there was a big difference. It would be great to lose 0.8 pounds a day. However, if your scale is not so accurate, after eating a whole day of healthy food and working hard, the next day if the display is still 170 pounds, you will feel quite discouraged. An accurate scale will keep you more positive about weight loss. More good grades, clear weight loss figures every day, easier to lose weight.


3. Reasonable exercise
It is very troublesome to take the time to go to the gym. But doing half an hour of practice only accounts for 2% of your time. For me, the idea that inspired me the most is the comparison between the time spent in exercise and the time spent in soap operas. As a fat fan of “Everyone Loves Raymond” (a movie about spoofs), every time I want to sit down and watch an episode, I will remind myself: During these half an hour, I was sitting To do nothing or to complete the daily exercises.


4. Set a dangerous weight
Once you have successfully lost the predetermined weight, you need to maintain your current weight. This is why you set a dangerous weight. You must choose a weight and vow never to exceed it. It is normal for body weight to fluctuate between 5 and 10 pounds. I suggest that you choose a weight that is about ten pounds higher than what you “normally” claim and not exceed this weight. Setting a dangerous weight allows me to maintain a pound of weight for a year.


Regarding the introduction of the most scientific weight-loss method of losing 15 pounds a month, each person’s physique is different, and the applicable weight loss method is also different. As long as you choose the right method and stick to it, there will be results.


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