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Shenzhen Nanbinfashion is a leading international manufacturer & supplier.
We are major in producing corset/waist trainer/body shaper.
We also have a sportswear product line.

Our goal is let every lady can show their beauty with confidence.

What can we help you?

1, More than 40 international sales staff.

2, More than 100 production workers.

3, More than 1000 production on sale and OEM supported.

4, Every dollar you spend getting the biggest benefits.

13 years

Export experience

300 type

Product patterns


Logo customization


Full refund in case of bad quality timely delivery

Looking for a high-quality waist trainer supplier that can help your customers achieve their fitness goals? Look no further than Shenzhen Nanbinfashion Co., Ltd.
With over 13 years of experience in the industry, we are a leading waist trainer supplier and have successfully partnered with fitness brands such as waistlab.co. We understand their brand image and design needs, providing a range of waist trainers that meet their specifications. Our competitive pricing and fast delivery times meet the demand for new product lines, enhancing customer satisfaction and boosting their brand image and sales.
Our partnership with waistlab.co is just one example of how a successful collaboration between a waist trainer supplier and a fitness brand can benefit both parties. By providing high-quality products that meet brand specifications and values, we help brands expand their product lines and attract new customers.
So are you ready to take your fitness brand to the next level? Contact us at Shenzhen Nanbinfashion Co., Ltd. and let's establish a successful partnership to help your customers achieve their fitness goals and enhance your brand image.

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