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Corporate Customer Visit Day: An opportunity to build cooperation bridges


Collaboration Cases

Cooperation with Valy

On February 27, 2024, today we welcomed a friend Valy from France. We are very grateful for his trust and support. He visited our office and factory and experienced our company’s operations, products, and team culture first-hand. At the same time, we also welcome friends from all over the world to visit our offices, and factories and discuss cooperation.

Through this visit to Valy, we learned more about Valy’s cooperation needs, provided him with solutions, and assisted Valy in building his own brand.

Benefits of visiting a company:

1. Enhanced communication: The interactions during your visit promote open lines of communication with us. Effective communication promotes better understanding, alignment of goals, and timely resolution of problems.

2. Co-create solutions: Collaborative efforts between you and us enable us to co-create innovative solutions to specific challenges. Combining the expertise of both parties often yields better results than individual efforts.

3. Market Expansion: The collaborative initiatives resulting from your visit can promote our market expansion with you. By leveraging each other’s networks, resources and capabilities, both parties can enter new markets and customer segments.

4. Mutual success: Successful cooperation brings common success and common growth, achieving a win-win situation.

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