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Common Sense About Sports, See How Many Do You Know?

Common Sense About Sports.

Sports is a set of rules involving physical strength and skills, and there are behavioural activities constrained by habits, which are usually competitive. In life, we often sport to exercise, so how much do you know about common sense about sports? Let’s take a look below!

What is aerobic exercise?
Aerobic exercise refers to the exercise of the bodybuilder with sufficient oxygen supply, that is, during the exercise, the oxygen obtained by breathing can continuously supply the muscles that exercise, and metabolize glycogen under the action of the enzyme And fat provides energy to maintain continuous exercise. This exercise method, moderate exercise load, can effectively improve cardiovascular and respiratory function, promote metabolism, and can reduce fat accumulation, is currently the commonly used fitness method. Aerobic fitness equipment is suitable for all ages, especially middle-aged and elderly women.

Common Sense About Sports

Aerobic exercise generally includes three conditions: one is that all major joints in the body are fully active; the other is that the exercise time must last more than 15 minutes; the third is that exercise cannot cause extreme fatigue of the body, and there should be no feeling of fatigue after exercise.


When is the best time to go out for exercise?
It should be chosen after sunrise and before sunset and must follow the principles of safety, moderate, and gradual, otherwise the fitness effect may be less effective.


Experts believe that “during five nights and nine nights” is when plants breathe. At this time, the carbon dioxide concentration in the surrounding environment is high, which is harmful to health, but it is different after sunrise and before sunset. Plants can carry out photosynthesis. The oxygen concentration is relatively high, which can meet the supplement of the body’s oxygen consumption during exercise.


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