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Sports Attentions Tip, Four Unsuitable Things About Sports.

Sports Attentions Tip, Four Unsuitable Things About Sports.

Sport is an indispensable item in our pursuit of a healthy life. Almost every day there will be a certain exercise schedule. So there is some sports attentions tip, do you know? Let’s take a look!


Not suitable for immediate rest
If you stop and rest immediately after strenuous exercise, the rhythmic contraction of the muscles will stop. A large amount of blood that originally flowed into the muscles will not flow back to the heart through the muscle contraction, resulting in lower blood pressure, temporary cerebral ischemia, and shortness of breath and dizziness. Dazzling, pale complexion, and even symptoms of shock and fainting.

Sports Attentions Tip

Not suitable for bathing immediately
If you take a cold water bath immediately after exercise, due to sudden stimulation, the blood vessels will contract immediately, and the resistance to blood circulation will increase. At the same time, the body’s resistance will decrease, and people will get sick easily. And if you take a hot bath, it will increase the blood flow in the skin. The blood flows into the muscles and skin too much, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the heart and brain, dizziness in the light, collapse in shock, and other chronic diseases.


Don’t eat a lot of sugar
Some people feel comfortable eating some sweets or sugar water after strenuous exercise. They think that eating more sweets after exercise is beneficial. In fact, eating too many sweets after exercise will consume a large amount of vitamin B1 in the body, and people will feel tired and loss of appetite. Etc., affecting physical recovery. Therefore, after strenuous exercise, it is best to eat more foods containing vitamin B1, such as vegetables, liver, eggs and other foods.


Not suitable for drinking
After strenuous exercise, people’s physical functions will be in a state of excitement. At this time, drinking alcohol will make the body absorb alcohol components faster and enter the bloodstream, which will cause more harm to the liver, stomach and other organs than usual. This can cause fatty liver, cirrhosis, gastritis, gastric ulcer, dementia and other diseases for a long time. Even drinking beer after exercise is not good, it will increase the uric acid in the blood, so that the joints are greatly stimulated, causing joint inflammation.


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