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Which Exercise Should I Participate In? Many People Are Confused

Which Exercise Should I Participate In? Many People Are Confused

Many people are confused about what sports to do, here are some suggestions.

When you open your eyes, for a sport-loving person, your exercise begins. When you wake up, I suggest you do the following exercises: When you wake up, if you are not in a hurry, you can stay in bed and do some simple exercises. The simplest is to stretch your hands and feet as hard as possible. This is a bit like martial arts. The monkey in the arms stretches out, similar to the stretching in Wu Qin Xi. This allows your body to wake up quickly. After you have done this, you can do an abdomen exercise, especially for a person who has more requirements for the abdominal muscles. All the actions are as follows: straighten your legs together, raise your legs, upper body, and small farts Fart as support, close your abdomen, touch your feet with your hands, pause for a few seconds, repeat a few times 

A woman lifting weights
After getting up, it is best to drink a cup of boiling water, pure water is also possible. If you are a pure man and want to be strong, you can also use milk instead. Then you can do some exercises with less exercise. Such as pulling the ligament, running, lifting dumbbells. Exercise time should be within one hour because hungry for a long time is not good. It can be replenished during exercise.

Finally, let me give you some sports tips:
The best time to exercise is in the evening; drinking water before exercise is more healthy than drinking water after exercise; it is necessary to replenish a small amount of water many times during the exercise; refuse soda drinks; prepare for exercise and exercise continuously!

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