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When Is Exercise Bad For You?You Need To Know

When Is Exercise Bad For You ?You Need To Know

Life lies in exercise, so is suitable for exercise at any time? When is exercise bad for you? Regarding the time of exercise, the most tangled people are: before and after meals.


A hundred steps after meals, live to ninety-nine?

——Two situations are not suitable for exercise after meals
In parks and communities, we often see many people walking after eating. They generally think that walking after meals helps digestion. Indeed, walking after meals can promote gastrointestinal motility, in which case digestive function can also be improved. Therefore, taking a walk after a meal is advisable and scientifically based.


First, exercise should not be too intense after a meal
However, if you do a lot of exercises, or do strenuous exercise, choosing to do it after meals is not appropriate. Because strenuous exercise after meals will not only affect digestion but also prone to gastrointestinal diseases such as abdominal pain and sagging stomach.


Second, weight loss should not be exercise after meals
In this age of slimming beauty, many people will do a lot of exercise after meals in order to lose weight, and hope to consume the body’s heat through exercise. In fact, this is also wrong. In order to pursue the effect of fitness and body, it is actually better to exercise before meals.


Because the belly before meals is empty, and no new fatty acids have entered the fat cells, if we exercise at this time, our body will lead the fat cells out into the heat and consume it.

When Is Exercise Bad For You?-yoga exercise after meals

In other words, exercise before meals can increase the body’s metabolic rate. In this case, you not only do not have to worry about weight loss, but you also have more appetite.


Although exercise before meals will be better, pay attention to the intensity of exercise. Excessive exercise will reduce the secretion of digestive juice and affect appetite. Therefore, exercise before meals should not be too intense, you can choose to jog or brisk walking and other sports.


In addition, after exercise before meals, do not eat immediately, but should rest for more than half an hour. If you experience joint, muscle soreness or mental fatigue after exercise, you may wish to eat more vegetables during your meal to help eliminate acid in your body.


Therefore, pay attention to the time of exercise, when is exercise bad for you? you need to know, to avoid this time, exercise well so that you have a healthy body.



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