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The Fastest Way To Lose Face-Washing Your Face

The Fastest Way To Lose Face-Washing Your Face

I don’t know if any of your sisters have been confused like this: Obviously they weigh only 100 pounds, obviously, they are a thin man. But because his face is fat, when he takes a big-picture, everyone thinks he is a fat man.


In fact, as long as you wash your face seriously, you can easily solve the problem of edema face and double chin. Here’s how to wash your face and face.

Step1: Prepare warm water around 30 degrees. Sprinkle water on your face with both hands and moisten your face. Then moisten the towel and wring it dry. Press your face with a towel moistened with warm water.

Step2: Use cool water to moisten the face, put a cleanser on the palm of the hand, rub out the foam with your hands, and gently circle your face clockwise.

Step3: After washing your face, rinse off the foam with cold water. Then dry your face with a towel. Be careful not to rub your face back and forth when you dry it with a towel. Just press the face gently with a towel and “suck” the water droplets on the face. This will prevent facial skin from wrinkling due to excessive friction.

The fastest way to lose face-washing your face

Step4: After washing your face, lift your head slightly up to 30 °, and then gently pat the position of your chin with the back of your hand. Tap for about 20 ~ 30 seconds.

Step5: After tapping the chin, use the backs of the two index fingers to gently push from the middle of the chin toward the base of the ear. Do this for about 30 seconds.

Step6: Finally, gently press your face with your fingers, just like playing the piano on your face, and press it for 10 seconds.

The steps above seem complicated, but it is still quite simple to do. It’s even easier than some girls using a face-lift to thin their faces. However, this requires everyone to persist. After using this method, although it is impossible to change from a round face to a melon seed face, it can at least solve the problems of double chin and edema.


In fact, the principle of this is that washing the face can promote blood circulation in the face. If you massage it while washing your face, you can achieve a magical face-lifting effect.



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