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How Long Can You Lose Weight After Giving Birth, You May Wonder

How Long Can You Lose Weight After Giving Birth?

Postpartum weight loss mainly includes diet weight loss, drug weight loss, and exercise weight loss. Diet weight loss is to use scientific methods to adjust the diet structure to achieve weight loss; exercise weight loss is to accelerate fat burning through appropriate exercise to reduce weight; drug weight loss is to use drugs to inhibit the absorption of nutrients and accelerate metabolism, As a result, the weight is reduced, and it is not recommended to use drugs to lose weight after delivery, which will cause certain harm to the body of pregnant women.


in principle
The best weight loss period is six months after giving birth. Pregnant mothers can lose weight by combining a reasonable diet with exercise. Need to reduce the intake of high-calorie foods, eat less fat, eat more fish and chicken; eat light and digestible diet; try not to eat too salty foods, which contain a lot of salt, which will greatly increase Fat in the body is also not conducive to the recovery of postpartum wounds. At the same time, the diet must be regular, eat regularly every day, you should chew slowly and eat slowly, not overeating; the calorie intake must be less than the human consumption to achieve weight loss the goal of.

How Long Can You Lose Weight After Giving Birth?

Dietary attention
Pregnant mothers who are born with childbirth can lose weight after 3 months postpartum, and the intensity is gradual and progressive; Caesarean section needs to wait for the wound to recover before losing weight. Eat more fruits, preferably warm fruits, such as peaches, kiwis, apples, bananas, etc. It is recommended to soak them in hot water for 2 minutes before eating. Apples can astringent the stomach, strengthen the stomach, reduce cholesterol, and help people with high pregnancy Postpartum recovery of blood pressure syndrome; bananas contain a large amount of cellulose, which has a laxative and blood-supplementing effect. Consumption of pregnant women can prevent postpartum constipation.


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