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Can You Get Slim Legs Without Exercise? Maybe You Want To Know

Can You Get Slim Legs Without Exercise?

Many people who don’t like sports will want to have some ways to lose weight without exercising. In fact, some simple exercises have a good effect on thin legs. There is also a way to lose weight without exercising, but it requires long-term adherence.


It’s not easy to lose legs without exercise. For people who lack physical activity, thick legs are because of fat on their legs. If they are only on a diet, they can easily rebound, and even if they lose some weight, they are still unsightly.

Can You Get Slim Legs Without Exercise?-Long-distance running

Long-distance running can have the effect of thin legs. Long-distance running can not only thin excess leg fat but also thin leg muscles. For example, in favorite running (especially long-distance running) or cycling, the slow muscle fibers will gradually increase, but the main muscle fast muscle fibers will not increase significantly and even shrink.


Exercise method:
If the goal is to slim down, you can jog for more than 40 minutes and run 3 to 5 times a week. In addition, you can do free-hand squats before running. Squat to do about 4 groups, 20 to each group, 1-minute rest between each group.


In addition, you can also perform leg massages, which can help soften leg muscles and fat. Massage method: massage from the ankle to the thigh roots, make a circle with both hands, circle the calf to lift the calf muscle upwards; press hard on the knee socket 7 times; press the knee from the knee to the thigh root on the front midline; use the palm of the groin Press slightly on the outside. Massage for more than 15 minutes and relax thoroughly.



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