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We Suggested You Shoudn’t Wearing a Waist Corset Too Long Time.

We Suggested You Shoudn’t Wearing a Waist Corset Too Long Time.

Q: Wearing a waist corset and a belt with a sculpted figure is more harmful than good?

A: It is a wish of many people to have a graceful figure. You may choose to wear a vest, a belt, and other products to create a small waist. However, doctors say that these products are only suitable for short-term use, such as wearing a bridal gown. Tightly tighten the vest to reveal the body lines of the bumps, but it can’t reduce the body fat fundamentally. It can not only cure the skin for a long time, but also may cause the skin to smear eczema, or the appetite, stomach acid reflux or breathing due to gastrointestinal pressure. Not smooth.

There are several common factors in the increase in waist circumference. In addition to excessive intake of calories, it also includes a decrease in basal metabolic rate, resulting in excess body fat, sedentary movement, body fat accumulation in the waist and thighs, aging and relaxation of the tissue with age, and changes in hormones with age. Secretion and so on. Therefore, the body shaping method should be designed in these general directions.

In terms of heat control, if you want to reduce 0.5 kilograms a week, you must reduce the calorie intake of 3,500 calories in the week, which is equivalent to eating 500 calories per day. It is also possible to moderately increase aerobic exercise to consume calories.

Exercise can also improve basal metabolic rate, especially anaerobic exercise, such as sit-ups, weight training, accumulation of oxygen debt in the body, muscle production of lactic acid and stimulation of muscle cell proliferation, increased muscle mass can increase the basal metabolic rate.

With the growth of the butterfly sleeves and the large abdomen, it is related to the aging relaxation of the tissue, and exercise can delay the progress of apoptosis and maintain the skin in a healthy and firm state.

In older people, hormone secretion will change. For example, growth hormone, which promotes muscle production and has the effect of burning fat, will continue to reduce its secretion, making it easy for middle-aged people to start to bless. The cultivation of exercise habits and the quality of good sleep all help to secrete growth hormone, making it relatively difficult for people to gain weight.

Although these fat-reducing methods can’t be used for sculpting the body part, they can fundamentally reduce the whole body fat, make the body curve look more symmetrical, and make the skin look younger and more beautiful.

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