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The corset has also become popular, but do you know what kind of 400 years it has passed?

The corset has also become popular, but do you know what kind of 400 years it has passed?

If you pay attention to this year’s “Kamp”-themed Met Gala, you probably remember Kim Kardashian’s wet drape that is just like the water. It’s not easy to put on this Thierry Mugler-designed skirt. After Vogue’s background video was released, it was discovered that Kardashian wore a very close-fitting Mr. Pearl corset for the skirt. She even got a few corset breathing lessons for this.

Kim Kardashian at Met Gala
In recent years, corsets have returned to the public’s view, including traditional corsets that create an hourglass body, as well as fashion with corsets.

The popularity of traditional corsets is largely driven by the Kardashian family. In Europe and the United States, the Kardashian aesthetic has undoubtedly become a trend that cannot be ignored by young people. Her body, wearing and even mantra are widely imitated. As one of the most representative figures of the hourglass figure, Kardashian has repeatedly expressed her love for corsets, saying that she has a significant effect on the sculpture body. She also used corsets in various street shootings. The shape shows people, which makes many people start to wear back the corset.

Chloe Lawrence, the British fashion blogger, has followed the example of Kim Kardashian wearing a corset from 2018, gradually increasing from one hour a day to eight hours a day wearing a corset. “It’s very uncomfortable, it brings me a lot of pain. Every time I take off my corset, I still feel that I can’t breathe and stomach pain.” Even so, Lawrence said she didn’t find out how much the corset has played on the sculpture shape.” It is only useful when wearing it, and the body returns to normal after taking off.”

Wearing a corset has never been a comfortable thing. The clothing that began in the West in the 17th century was originally made of whale bone, which tightly hugs the wearer’s ribs and shrinks the normal waist very thin. In the movie “Titanic”, Rose’s mother dressed her in a corset and she still remembers many fans. The pain of women wearing classical corsets is also clearly revealed in the film.

The corset worn by Rose in Titanic

“If you look through history, you will find that the corsets are always pleasing to people other than the wearer.” Amy Smilovic, creative director of fashion brand Tibi, told fashion media The Cut.

For this reason, corsets are always controversial. Discussions about the physical health of corsets in women have existed since the 19th century. Some doctors say that corsets cause respiratory diseases, rib deformities, and even damage to human organs.

However, there are also some people who are the name of the corset, Valerie Steele, author of The Corset: A Cultural History, said that the corset may reduce the wearer’s lung capacity and change its breathing pattern, but this Does not cause respiratory illness. Steele believes that only a small number of women who pursue extremely slim waists will suffer physical damage from wearing exaggerated corsets.

As designers such as Coco Chanel began to create loose and comfortable fashion for women, corsets experienced a long period of low tide in the early decades of the 20th century. However, Steele believes that although women do not wear corsets at the time, the spirit of corsets still dominates the way women live – they will achieve the effect of corsets through diet, exercise and even plastic surgery.

But the connotation of corsets has gradually become richer. The fashion punk godmother Vivienne Westwood corset and the popular queen Madonna made a large resurgence in the late 1970s to the 1990s. They subverted the meaning of corsets for women’s “binding” and “oppression”, boldly rebelliously Wearing a corset, resisting stereotypes and not fearing to show their sexiness, makes corsets a representative of women’s strength.


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