The woman wears a corset for 3 years. Now the waist is only 40cm. Cookies
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The woman wears a corset for 3 years. Now the waist is only 40cm.

The woman wears a corset for 3 years. Now the waist is only 40cm!

The pursuit of beauty by mankind has never stopped. During the ancient Tang Dynasty, China once pursued the aesthetic standard of “being fat as beauty”, but the society that developed to today is thin and beautiful, especially for female friends in pursuit of a slim body. It can be said that it is under the blood, not only to run, swim, etc. to lose weight, and even women who choose to diet, take a lot of weight loss products and so on. In Germany, there is a woman who chooses a thin waist weight loss method that you may not have heard. What kind of weight loss method is it? Come and learn with Xiaobian.


Today, the protagonist introduced to you a cute name, called “bee waist girl”, Michelle, born in 1989, in order to keep the body with a perfect curve, wearing a special corset all year round, this wear is For three years, from the day I put it on, I have not taken off, whether it is eating, sleeping or taking a bath. Surprisingly, Michelle’s body before wearing this special corset is very good, and the rate of going back to the street is very high, it really makes a lot of eyeballs! But she did not meet her current body and still chose to continue to lose weight, and then she began a thin waist plan. She plans to challenge the Guinness World Record for the world’s finest waist.

Because she wore a special plastic belt for a long time and lost weight by dieting, her waist was thinner to 40 cm. She succeeded in becoming a “bee waist girl”, but she also paid a heavy price for it because she kept the doctor. Dissuasion, bent on choosing to wear a special plastic belt, caused serious damage to the spine, pelvis and many internal organs. At the age of 30, she almost lost the ability to walk independently and needed to rely on the help of her family to stand up. For Michelle, the so-called “bee waist” was obtained, but the price and pain it paid were unimaginable to us.


Xiaobian here reminds all female friends of Amy, we must adopt a healthy and reasonable way to lose weight, remember not to lose weight blindly, so it will not be worth the loss, I believe that as long as you stick to your mouth, take your legs, your small belly and bucket waist It will disappear.


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