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Ways to lose fat quickly?

Ways to lose fat quickly?


It’s easy to eat more snacks every time on vacation, can’t control my appetite, and slack off and don’t exercise. Then it will be easy to gain weight, and all the previous efforts will be in vain. So how can you lose your fat quickly? Is there any quick way to lose fat?


1. Squat with bare hands
Bare-handed squats can be said to be the easiest exercise, everyone can, as long as you are willing to move, and the effect is very good, ensure that you stick to it and lose your holiday weight!

First, stand with your feet slightly open, with your toes facing forward, your back and waist should be straight, your pelvis should be retracted, your hands should be placed on your sides, your head straight, your eyes looking forward;

Second, squat until the upper and lower legs touch each other, raise both hands flat, stand up, stand upright, and return to the original standing position. Repeat more than 20 times, and increase the number of times after insisting on 20 times a week. The effect can be seen in one week. If you are afraid of long calf muscles, you can massage your calf to relax at the end of the training.



Squat with bare hands



2. Wide push-ups

Compared with ordinary push-ups, the coefficient of difficulty of wide-distance push-ups is increased, and the strength and balance of both hands are extremely demanding.

First, lie on your stomach with your hands open twice as wide as your shoulders to support your body. Keep your back, waist, and hips straight in a straight line. Keep your feet close together. Slowly press down your body. Your arms are at 90 degrees. Then slowly straighten your arms. , Return to the original prone posture;

Second, be careful not to raise your hips, do not collapse your waist, and do not touch your body to the ground. Repeat 20 times to increase the number of times.


3. Narrow push-ups

Compared with wide-distance push-ups and ordinary push-ups, narrow push-ups have a lower degree of difficulty, but the effect of the exercises will not be compromised. It is very suitable for you to lose weight after the festival.

First, stand with your hands 10 cm apart to support your body, sit push-ups, keep your hips, waist, and back in a straight line, press down your body, bend your arms, and then slowly stand up and return to the support posture;

Second, you can repeat 20 times, with wide-distance push-ups and freehand squats. Within a month, you will not only lose weight successfully, but also your body muscles will look better and better.



The above are three ways to reduce fat quickly. I hope it will help you to lose fat!

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