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Holiday Notice of 2021 Dragon Boat Festival(Not Working for 3 Days)

Holiday Notice of 2021 Dragon Boat Festival

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Holiday Notice of 2021 Dragon Boat Festival.

Dear Customer:

Hello! In the next 3 days,(Saturday-Monday)(6.12-6.14) We can receive your message normally, but may not be able to respond in time due to holiday reasons.

Because Dragon Boat Festival has arrived, we have not been working for the next 3 days.
But we still hope to get your message, We treasure every message you leave.

Thank you for your patience, we will resume work after Monday, and contact you immediately, thank you, we sincerely thank you for your support in our work.

Please understand that the inconvenience caused during the holiday.

Below is the introduction of the Dragon Boat Festival.


Dragon Boat Festival 2021


The Dragon Boat Festival, one of the three traditional festivals in my country, on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar every year, has a history of more than 2,000 years.

In the traditional festivals of our Chinese nation, dietary customs are an indispensable and important part of the festival. “May 5, it is Dragon Boat Festival; eating rice dumplings, sprinkling sugar; realgar wine, strong body; rowing a dragon boat, joyful.” This song vividly expresses the eating customs of the Dragon Boat Festival.

Zongzi is a characteristic product of our country. The Chinese pay attention to food and drink. Under the skillful management of the Chinese people, the shape and content of the zongzi have various changes. In terms of shape, zongzi has triangle, quadrangular pyramid, small pagoda shape, pillow shape, round stick shape and so on. The materials of zongye vary from place to place. Bamboo is abundant in the south, and bamboo leaves are used to bind rice dumplings. Most of the rice dumplings are made of fresh bamboo leaves and dried bamboo leaves. After they are cooked, they will not have the fragrance of bamboo leaves. Northerners are accustomed to using reed leaves, which are slender and narrow, so they use two or three overlapped. The size of zongzi also varies greatly. There are giant dumplings of up to two or three catties, and sweet rice dumplings that are less than two inches in length. The main ingredient of zongzi is glutinous rice. It is first wrapped with reed leaves or bamboo leaves (rule leaves), then tied with a string, and finally steamed. After cooking, open the ruse leaves and eat them. Zongzi has developed to the present day, and there are many types, with different differences between east and west, north and south.

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