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Is it fat or water to lose weight?

Is it fat or water to lose weight?



When we sweat out a lot of exercises, we will find that our weight has dropped slightly. So, is this really a weight loss? Is it fat or water to lose weight?


One gram of fat has 9 kilocalories, and one kilogram of fat is 9,000 kilocalories. It is not easy to consume it. We walk for 1 hour at a speed of 100 meters per minute, which consumes about 350 kcal of energy. If we walk for 1 hour a day, it will take 26 days to lose 1 kg of fat. If you jog, you consume 400 kilocalories per hour, and it takes 23 days to lose 1 kg for one hour a day. It is also necessary to ensure that the daily energy intake cannot exceed the standard.


Many people seek to lose weight quickly, but the real weight loss is to reduce fat, and the rate of weight loss is relatively slow. Therefore, many people feel that they have lost weight. What they lose by pure hunger, eating only fruits and vegetables, and hunger plus exercise is the body’s water, bone weight, and protein. The problems caused by this are decreased metabolic rate, decreased immunity, and accelerated aging. After reducing protein, physical fitness and immunity will decline, and the body will also become loose. If it is fat people look bloated, thin people look dry and lack vitality.


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Here comes the point. Is it fat or water to lose weight?


In fact, reducing fat is the real weight loss, and the skin will not change. The real goal of weight loss is to reduce the proportion of body fat. Water loss may only bring about weight loss in the short term, but it will rebound in the long term, and the body shape will not change much, and the skin will change when the moisture is reduced and the skin will be dehydrated. In addition, losing fat does not necessarily bring about a significant change in weight, but a change in body shape, becoming more symmetrical and fit.


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