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Scientific And Reliable Way To Lose Weight: Hold Your Mouth And Spread Your Legs

Scientific And Reliable Way To Lose Weight: Hold Your Mouth And Spread Your Legs

Many people want to pursue speed during weight loss. They want to lose 5 pounds in three days and 10 pounds in five days. They lose weight a month and recover their slim figure.


However, they did not scientifically distinguish whether these methods of weight loss were reliable and did not take into account the consequences. They carried out blindly regardless of whether they hurt their own health, and this resulted in harm to themselves and their bodies did not reach their ideal state.


The people here will tell you: weight loss can not be pursued speed, but slow and steady, to ensure good health while restoring a good figure.

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So why can’t weight loss be pursued in speed?
When your weight loss is too fast, your body cannot adapt to the new state. After losing weight, your body is more likely to return to its original weight, which means that it rebounds quickly.


Furthermore, during the process of rapid weight loss, the body is prone to decline in resistance, susceptible to illness, hair loss, and qi and blood deterioration.


In addition, weight loss is too fast, fat or muscle loss is too fast, the skin will not have time to shrink back, prone to skin sagging, fat lines, making your body more ugly and difficult to recover.


Finally, many of the methods to quickly lose weight are mostly unscientific.
For example diet pills to lose weight, dehydrate the body, and lose energy. In addition, extreme dieting methods, such as apple replacement meals, and low-calorie nutrient imbalanced intake methods that do not eat staple foods, will cause you to lose weight and lose muscle. It used to be easier to gain weight.


People who lose weight should learn to identify wrong weight loss methods, abandon unscientific weight loss methods, and learn to lose weight scientifically. After losing weight, you will no longer rebound. Keeping your body is your ultimate goal.

So, what is the best rate to lose weight?
The scientific speed of weight loss is to reduce the weight by no more than 2 pounds a week. It is also best not to exceed 3 pounds for severely obese people. It is better to lose 8 to 12 pounds a month.


The scientific and reliable way to lose weight is nothing more than two steps: hold your mouth and stretch your legs.

1. Keep your mouth shut, it does not mean dieting but requires you to eat less high-calorie, high-sugar foods. Adhering to the principle of a healthy diet, more vegetables, high-quality protein, less fat, fewer snacks, and calorie control in a reasonable range Do not exceed the body’s total metabolism.


2. Opening your legs does not mean that you only perform aerobic exercise. People who lose weight should do more strength training. Strength training can help you increase muscle mass. Muscle improvement can help improve the body’s metabolic level, protect organs and bones, allow you to develop a lean physique, not easy to gain weight, have vest lines, warp Curved body of hips.


Therefore, in addition to running, skipping, playing, swimming and other training, you may wish to add dumbbells, barbells and other equipment training to start with compound movements to help you sculpt your figure.


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