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Why Do Aerobic Exercise, And What Are The Health Benefits Of Aerobic Exercise?

What Are The Health Benefits Of Aerobic Exercise?

What Are The Health Benefits Of Aerobic Exercise? Aerobic exercise can make people healthy because it can exercise people’s cardiopulmonary function. The purpose of aerobic exercise is to enhance cardiopulmonary endurance. During exercise, due to muscle contraction, a lot of nutrients and oxygen are needed, and the number of heart contractions increases and the amount of blood delivered each time is more than usual. At the same time, the demand for oxygen also increases, and the number of breaths is more than normal The degree of lung contraction is also greater. So when the exercise continues and the muscles contract for a long time, the heart and lungs must work hard to supply oxygen to the muscles and remove the waste from the muscles. And this continuous demand can improve cardiopulmonary endurance. Beware of increased lung endurance, the body can engage in longer or more intense exercise and less fatigue.


Humans burn fuel during exercise. Human “fuels” are sugars, proteins, and fats. These “fuels” of humans are stored in the cells of the human body. When you exercise, you will consume these “fuels” to gain power.

What Are The  Benefits Of Aerobic Exercise?-Health

Low-intensity, long-term exercise is basically aerobic exercise, such as walking, jogging, long-distance slow swimming, cycling, dancing, etc. Aerobic exercise can effectively exercise the heart, lungs and other organs, and can improve cardiovascular and lung functions.


In the process of using oxygen, there is a considerable time difference. This time difference determines that the violent, short-term exercise becomes an anaerobic exercise. And when you exercise long enough, oxygen has been dissolved into the sprint, and the glucose in the body has been fully “burned”, which has been converted into new energy. Such exercise is aerobic exercise.


Aerobic exercise requires a lot of breathing air, which is a good exercise for the heart and lungs, which can increase lung capacity and heart function.


Long-term adherence to aerobic exercise can increase the amount of hemoglobin in the body, improve body resistance, anti-aging, enhance the working efficiency of the cerebral cortex and cardiopulmonary function, increase fat consumption, prevent arteriosclerosis, and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. If a weight-loss person arranges food reasonably and combines aerobic exercise, not only will weight loss be successful, but the weight after weight loss will also be consolidated.



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