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Washing and maintenance methods for body underwear.

 Washing and maintenance methods for body underwear.



Washing method:


1. When washing, do not use a washing machine or dehydrator, otherwise the body underwear will be deformed and the functional materials will be easily damaged. You should be patient and gently scrub with your hands.


2. Use special underwear cleaner to soak for 5-10 minutes. Avoid soaking in detergent for too long. Do not use bleach and alkaline lotion. The amount of lotion should be appropriate, if too much, it will make the clothes difficult to wash.


3. The water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees Celsius and should be kept at about 25 degrees Celsius. However, if there are bloodstains on the underwear, it is not easy to wash it off with warm water. First, wash away the bloodstains with cold water, and then melt the detergent in the water for a second rinse. Please be careful not to wash with used sewage to save water, so the dirt attached to the underwear will make it dirtier.


maintenance methods



Drying method:


1. Wrap it with a dry towel, press gently to fully absorb the moisture, do not twist it forcefully, flatten it and hang it.


2. Do not use the dryer and avoid direct sunlight. Keep it in a well-ventilated place and dry in a cool place.


3. Fold the cleaned bra in half and let the hanger pass through the inelastic area to dry. This does not cause the weight of wet clothes to stretch the fabric, nor does it cause the shoulder straps to relax prematurely.


4. Put the washed plastic trousers through the hanger and fold them in half to dry them so that the plastic trousers can be evenly dried.


5. Clamp the washed waist (rear), place it upside down on the hanger, and hang the hook to avoid stretching the fabric of the clothes and maintain the service life of the fabric.



Maintenance methods:


1. After drying, arrange the shape of the underwear, first buckle the buckles, and then stack them neatly to prevent other clothes from being caught by the hooks;


2. After folding the dry underwear, wrap it in a clean towel and put it in the closet.


Replacement method:


If the underwear fabric is found to be loose, new underwear should be replaced, and two or more sets of underwear should be worn alternately to extend its service life.



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