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How long is the shapewear wearing?

How long is the shapewear wearing?



Shapewear is now more and more popular among women. The effect of wearing shapewear during exercise has doubled. Women can maintain their body shape when they wear it after childbirth, and the effect is significant when worn by sportspeople. So how long is the shapewear wearing?


According to research, don’t wear shapewear for more than 8 hours a day, otherwise, it will endanger your health. It is best to wear it during the day and not to wear it during rest at night. In fact, the longer you wear the shapewear, the more obvious the effect, but why can’t you wear it for a long time? Because shapewear will slow down the basic metabolism of the human body. In addition, the shapewear is not as tight as possible. The excessive squeezing of the body will affect normal breathing.


the shapewear wearing


Shapewear is to increase the elasticity of the underwear by adding elastic yarns. At the same time, the local elasticity is handled during weaving, so that the shape of the underwear conforms to the curve of the human body, and the contraction force is increased in individual parts to achieve the effect of correcting the shape and shaping the body. Experts pointed out that some women currently use shapewear as weight-loss clothing. In fact, the main function of shapewear is to adjust the distribution of body fat, so that the curve is beautiful rather than weight loss.


But it doesn’t mean that shapewear has no effect. In fact, the effect of shapewear is obvious. It can lift the loose muscles of the waist and abdomen, making the waistline more obvious. Shapewear is a comprehensive slimming, which can improve the waist, abdomen, chest, hips, shoulders, and neck, etc., which can make women more confident. It is generally recommended to wear shapewear for 6 hours a day. Usually, you can do some fitness exercises or yoga exercises. If you really don’t have time, try to take time out to do exercises, so that the weight loss and plastic effects will be better.



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