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Enjoy fitness fun and avoid sports injuries.

Enjoy fitness fun and avoid sports injuries.


All kinds of sports have certain risks. How can we avoid sports injuries?


Each sport has its own technical characteristics, and each person’s physical condition is also different. Before fitness, you must first choose the right exercise according to your age, gender, muscle strength, joint flexibility, and injury.


The human body has its own law of development. When the human body ages, the volume of muscles will decrease, which in turn causes a decrease in muscle strength and a slowdown in contraction. With age, the calcium in the bones will gradually be lost, and the strength of the bones will decrease, the collagen fibers in the human ligaments will also become fragile and fragile with age.


avoid sports injuries


Young people in their twenties and thirties have strong muscle strength, good physical coordination, and flexibility, and can perform various exercises according to personal hobbies.


Middle-aged people in their forties and fifties have decreased physical function and need to adjust their exercise styles accordingly. Men in this period can reduce the intensity of confrontational exercises, reduce the time of such exercises, and do more aerobic exercises. Women of this age should try to choose some low-intensity aerobic exercise.


Master the correct exercise method:


1. From little to more exercise

Various movements are coordinated by muscles, bones, and joints. The stability of the joints depends on the contraction of the muscles. The strength and time of human muscle contraction are limited. Excessive exercise time will reduce the coordination of muscle movement, unstable joints, and cause sports injuries. Therefore, when exercising, everyone should start small and then grow up, gradually increase the amount, and finally find the exercise load that suits them. If there is pain, stop exercising. Don’t try to jump through the pain stage, doing so will make your pain change from chronic to permanent injury.


2. Movement techniques from easy to difficult

According to surveys, sports injuries caused by improper technical movements accounted for 35.6%, ranking first among the causes of injuries. This is why amateurs are more likely to get injured than professional athletes.

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