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7 opinions on weight loss and fitness.

7 opinions on weight loss and fitness.




Are you still worrying about losing weight? Don’t worry, I will give you some valuable advice on weight loss and fitness, you can try it!



1. Try to eat less carbohydrate-only diets


Carbohydrates are the most digestible nutrients in the stomach. Carbohydrate diets feel hungry faster than diets containing other nutrients. Protein and fat are digested more slowly than carbohydrates, and the feeling of fullness continues. So avoid carbohydrate diets. This diet stimulates fasting and causes overeating.


2. Start with protein


If you are to lose weight and prepare rice and chest muscles containing carbohydrates and protein for the next meal, eat the chest muscles first and then the rice. Eating protein first can control appetite.


3. Eat smaller meals


You can eat 4-5 meals a day, and eating less at each meal can help reduce appetite.


weight loss and fitness.


4. Increase protein intake


In order to gain muscle, it is important to take in 1 gram of protein per pound a day. But if you lose weight, this value has to be increased. Mainly to increase protein intake and maintain calories. Increase your daily intake by 70 grams of protein and reduce your carbohydrate intake. Carbohydrates increase appetite, and protein satisfies the appetite. Adjusting the ratio of carbohydrate and protein intake is an easier way.


5. Eat fibrous vegetables


There is no feeling of fullness when eating for weight loss. Eat more vegetables to control the number of meals and avoid excessive calories. Regardless of the amount of meal, it is rich in fiber that can stay in the stomach for a long time. Broccoli, cabbage, spinach, pumpkin, cucumber, etc. are all fine, but things that contain starch, such as corn, beans, and carrots, are not easy to digest.


6. Choose tyrosine and caffeine


The way to control bulimia is to take 2 grams of tyrosine in the early afternoon and drink a cup of coffee 45 minutes before breakfast.


7. You can take ZMA, histamine



ZMA is to restore fatigue after exercise and help good sleep. The main component of ZMA is zinc. Increasing the amount of zinc can control bulimia.


Histamine is an active amine compound. As a chemical conductive substance in the body, it can affect the reaction of many cells, including allergies, inflammatory reactions, gastric acid secretion, etc. It can also affect the nerve conduction in the brain and cause sleepiness, etc. effect. It is also the nutrients that will control bulimia.



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