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The right steps for gym fitness.

The right steps for gym fitness.


For fitness novices, going to the gym needs to do a certain strategy, the following are the gym fitness steps.



Step 1: Preparation


Supplementing carbohydrates is very important. If you eat 30 minutes earlier, you will feel energetic during exercise. Especially for those with strong muscles, supplementing with high carbohydrate food before exercise can effectively reduce muscle failure and avoid losing weight during training.



Step 2: Stretch


It is recommended to perform dynamic stretching before exercise. The purpose is to reduce muscle viscosity, increase blood flow of exercise muscles, improve sports performance, and reduce the occurrence of sports injuries.



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Step 3: Strength exercises


Junior fitness: When doing strength exercises, they should use track-based equipment training as the main strength, supplemented by free weight training. Since the fixing device has a certain movement trajectory, it is easier to grasp and can exercise muscle groups more effectively.


Intermediate bodybuilders: You can do strength training for 20 to 45 minutes first, and then perform aerobic training for 20 to 45 minutes. The overall fitness time is controlled at about 1 hour.


Intermediate and senior bodybuilders: According to their needs, the training time can be extended or the training intensity can be increased.



Step 4: Schedule exercise


Mainly stretching. This method is static stretching, do not bounce up and down. Each part can be repeated 2 to 3 times for 15 to 30 seconds each time.
In addition, during the equipment training process, the target muscles should also be stretched between and between groups.



Step 5: Take a shower and change clothes


After training, don’t rush to take a shower. Take a short rest, and when you no longer sweat, take a bath with warm water.
The most problematic place in the gym is the sauna room. After high-intensity training, a lot of blood flows into the muscles. If the sauna is used at this time, the relative blood and oxygen supply of the internal organs and brain is insufficient, which is very dangerous.



Step 6: Nutritious meal


A meal is usually added after exercise, mainly a small amount of protein, carbohydrates with a high glycemic index, minerals, and water. Within 2 hours after exercise is the golden period of nutrient absorption, muscle gainers must seize the opportunity.
But please note that what we tell you is only the usual fitness steps. Everyone’s physical condition and exercise quality are different. If you have the conditions, you still need to hire a personal trainer when you first go to the gym.



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