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Why are waist trainers popular?

Why are waist trainers popular?

1. Waist trainer the posture and shapes the beautiful figure.

The waist trainer can improve some bad habits, such as female hunchback. A bodice can guide excess fat into the woman’s chest and hips, which helps shape the body. Because the corset has a certain binding force on the abdomen, it will reduce the amount of food for women, which is very helpful for women to lose weight. Although there is a certain weight loss effect, the corset is definitely not weight-loss clothing. In the true sense of weight loss, you should eat less and exercise more. Body sculpting is just a perfect body shape that can help you lose weight.

2. Rapid recovery of postpartum body

Wearing a belly belt and wearing a corset to help women recover quickly from the postpartum body. These body-building underwear are mainly used for the recovery of post-partum body deformation parts and have certain help, especially the recovery effect of abdominal sagging.

3. Lower extremity varicose veins

Body shaping pants can be used to prevent and assist in the treatment of bloating and pain caused by varicose veins of the lower extremities.

4.Surgical recovery

This type of corset is suitable for a variety of surgical procedures on the body surface or body cavity, and it can apply pressure to the surgical site to stop bleeding, conform to the skin, help the soft tissue to restore body shape and shape the body. These corsets are usually worn 24 hours a day, from the time of surgery to 3 months after surgery. The fabric must be antibacterial and preservative. Stress must be able to oppress the arteries to stop bleeding without affecting the veins and lymph. Reflow soldering, the design style must adapt to the needs of different surgical sites, easy to get on and off the car, eating and sleeping in the toilet are not affected, so that the patient is comfortable to wear, the doctor is satisfied with the oppression.

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