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Do you know the importance of relaxation after exercise?

Do you know the importance of relaxation after exercise?

A good massage can be healthy and relaxing after a workout. It can help release tension and tightness in your muscles that tend to build up during hard exertion. Hot massages are also a great choice as they melt away the stress and tension in the muscles and mind after a workout.

1. Achieve the effect of exercise
In fact, relaxation is cooling after exercise. It can’t be ignored like pre-heating before exercise, so it can achieve good exercise results. If you do not exercise immediately after exercise, not only can not buffer the muscles and nerves of high-speed exercise, hormone levels, and blood pressure is not reduced, which is very harmful to the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases of the body. After exercise, the right amount of relaxation can slowly adapt the various parts of the body to the stop of exercise, thus protecting the health of the body.
2. Inhale oxygen in time
Secondly, in the process of exercise, the body’s metabolism requires a large amount of oxygen. In the process of metabolism, the body also produces a large amount of carbon dioxide and other exhaust gases, which are excreted with the breath. Due to excessive exercise intensity, the human body may temporarily be unable to supply oxygen, which may also cause the body’s carbon dioxide to be discharged in time. If you do some relaxation exercise, you can inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide in time.
3. Relieve mental stress
In addition, after the body completes the exercise, it must slowly return to a relatively quiet state, in order to slowly ease the psychological tension during the exercise. From a psychological point of view, the full relaxation exercise after exercise can not only help the psychological recovery of the human body but also foster a positive mentality.

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