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Why do women wear corsets now? And more and more people are wearing.

Why do women wear corsets now? And more and more people are wearing.

Today, I opened a special issue about the benefits of wearing a corset.

First, women are about 30 years old, living standards are improved, their body functions are declining, and there is too much fat accumulated in the abdomen. As a result, the woman’s body becomes bloated, but fat is something that can sweep the body. It does not belong to the fixed tissue of the body. Therefore, for a period of time, women can shape the body through the external pressure, so that the fat that was originally hoarded and dispersed to other parts (such as the breast or buttocks) makes the female body more harmonious.

When a woman gives birth, as the stomach becomes larger, the mother secretes relaxation during pregnancy, the pelvis relaxes and widens, and the pubis separates. The original pelvis angle is 90 degrees and then 120 degrees apart. If the recovery is not good after childbirth, it is easy to cause body deformation, so wearing a corset helps the postpartum mother to collect the loose abdomen and help to narrow the angle of the pelvis. If the postpartum does not recover in time, the pelvis will never return to its perfect shape after it is formed.

Due to the current development of science and technology, the fabric of the corset is not static. The traditional postpartum corset is mainly made of spandex fabric. Because the fabric can accelerate the body’s metabolism, it is obvious for the body shaping effect, but it also has a big disadvantage, that is, it is too tight. In this case, it is difficult for some female friends to persist for a long time. A tightly placed postpartum corset can cause long-term compression of the skin, so it is recommended to use it intermittently.

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