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6 Ways To Thin Waist And Belly,Good Body You Deserve

6 Ways To Thin Waist And Belly

Young women want to be thin and beautiful, so everyone now wants to lose weight. However, the flesh on the waist is fat because I often sit in the office. What should I do? How to Thin Waist And Belly? In fact, doing some targeted exercise is very effective.

1.fitness ball
Lie on the exercise ball, let the lower back touch the exercise ball, put your hands on the chest with your hands crossed, and hold your head. Lift your upper body hard at the waist, keep your body off the exercise ball, and pay attention to maintaining balance. Then lie down and repeat this action, just like doing sit-ups on a fitness ball, can effectively thin the waist.


The body lies flat on the floor, hands are placed behind the head, the knees of the left leg are bent and approach the chest as much as possible, the right elbow has approached the knee of the left leg, and the right shoulder list is lifted. Then repeat this action on the other side.

two people to Thin Waist And Belly by cycling

3. Lifting
Lie on your back, hold a tennis ball in your hand, raise your hands to the ceiling, straighten your legs together and hook your feet. Tighten your abdominal and buttock muscles and lift your shoulders and head a few centimeters off the ground. Make sure the ball always rushes up to the roof, not forward. Your goal is to sweat. The purpose of all aerobic exercises is to make you sweat. If you are not sweating, you are not working hard enough. When you exercise, the more accurate your posture is, the faster you sweat. This may make you red like a tomato, but it is absolutely good for your body, so try to do it.


4. Hula Hoop Exercise
If you want to reduce your waist, everyone knows that you need to increase the amount of exercise in your waist, so turning the hula hoop is a good choice. Remember, you can turn around for more than ten minutes before taking a bath at night, and then take a break to take a bath.


5. Sit-ups
Sit-ups are an effective method for trying thin waists. Therefore, even if you are busy at work, you should do sit-ups 30 times a night before going to bed.
The key to thin waist for sit-ups is to move the upper body from the abdomen as much as possible to achieve the effect of a thin waist. However, this kind of exercise is not suitable for just when you are full, and you need to rest for at least 1-2 hours after a meal. The bed is not the best place for sit-ups. The hard floor is easy to cause sports injuries, so it is best to lay a yoga mat on the floor!


6. abdomen walking
No matter when you are sitting or walking, remember to walk with your breath, which means walking with your abdomen and sucking your belly as much as possible so that the skin on the belly will be in a tense state, which will make them taut and achieve weight loss Purpose and effect.


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