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Should You Exercise More When You Have A Cold?

Should You Exercise More When You Have A Cold? Will Exercise Help A Cold?

Should You Exercise More When You Have A Cold? I have just caught a cold, and while it ’s not obvious, go to play, run, and sweat quickly to ease the symptoms of the cold. Wang Anli, director of the Department of Sports Medicine at Beijing University of Sport, said that this is not a “remedy” for colds. The result of the exercise can only be like “paying fire”, making a small cold a serious illness.


 During exercise, you will sweat a lot, and the toxins in your body will be expelled quickly. On the surface, it can temporarily relieve the symptoms of colds, but it will bury a lot of “hidden dangers”, because, within 24 hours after intense exercise, it will appear in the case of immunosuppression, during this period, immune cells began to “strike” to rest and recuperate, and the cold virus invaded the body, it is necessary for the immune system to fight against it. Without immune cells, cold germs are naturally rampant, which is likely to make Small colds have evolved into viral myocarditis, pneumonia, and rheumatism.

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At the same time, the body’s metabolism will be relatively vigorous after exercise. Such a large consumption of sugar, fat, protein, etc. in the body will weaken the body’s resistance. The “fragile” resistance is often not able to withstand any bacteria in sports where there are many people. Attack and worsen the cold. Strengthening the body’s own disease resistance is the best way to prevent acute upper respiratory infections. Such as adhering to regular and appropriate physical exercise, adhere to a cold water bath, improve the body’s ability to prevent disease and adapt to the cold. Do a good job of preventing colds and avoid the causes of illness. Regular life, avoid overwork, especially overwork at night. Pay attention to the isolation of respiratory patients to prevent cross-infection.


Therefore, it is not advisable to participate in physical exercise when you have a cold, but you should take medicine and rest under the guidance of a doctor. It is better to participate in sports a few days after the cold is cured.


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