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6 Benefits Of Moderate Exercise On The Human Body

6 Benefits Of Moderate Exercise On The Human Body

Exercising is great for the body. Everyone needs to pay attention to regular exercise and comprehensive physical care, which is conducive to promoting blood circulation. In daily life, you need to pay attention to health matters, improve brain function, improve brain nutrition, and stabilize patients’ emotions. What are the benefits of proper exercise on the human body? there are Six benefits of moderate exercise

1. Promote blood circulation, improve brain nutrition, help maintain energy and stabilize mood.

2. Develop myocardium, strong contraction, and enhance heart function.

3. Strengthen the strength of diaphragm and abdominal muscles, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and facilitate digestion and absorption.

4. Promote and improve the internal blood circulation of the viscera, which is conducive to the physiological functions of the viscera.

5. Improve the body’s immune function and maintain a strong vitality.

6. Enhance the vitality of muscles and joints, keep the movements light and quick.

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Three essentials of sports health
1. Pay attention to the coordination and unification of interest, regulation, and movement
“Ishou” is spiritual concentration, “pacing” is regulating the breathing uniformly, and “moving shape” is the balance of physical movement. Especially Yishou, only with the mind and concentration, can one rest peacefully, guide Qi and relax the blood, the so-called “lead the mind with the mind, use the pneumatic form”.


2. Don’t overdo it, it should be done step by step
Some people have conducted a retrospective survey of the 5,000 deceased athletes and found that many athletes had heart disease around the age of 40-50 years, but their lives were shorter than that of ordinary people, indicating that excessive strenuous exercise exceeded the body’s tolerance limit. Instead, the body will be damaged due to overwork and premature aging and premature dysfunction. Therefore, “physical therapy” must emphasize moderation and cannot “get into the magic.” The so-called “does not sprint, the ears do not listen very much, the eyes do not look very closely, do not sit very long, do not lie very tired.”


3. Perseverance and perseverance
“Physical therapy” is not only physical exercise but also the exercise of will and perseverance. “Three days of fishing and two days of drying the nets” can not receive the effect of “physical therapy”.


In daily life, everyone needs comprehensive conditioning to effectively promote blood circulation, improve brain nutrition, and maintain stable emotions. In daily life, we must properly diet, effectively adjust the breath, and in daily life, Also pay attention to health matters, comprehensive care, and reasonable exercise, which is more conducive to promoting blood circulation.



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