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How To Do Thin Face Exercise?-4 Recognized Ways To Thin Face

4 Recognized  Thin Face Exercise

Facial beauty depends on the overall tightness, three-dimensionality, and smoothness of the entire face. Today, I will introduce some thin face exercises.

Thin face exercise includes facial exercise and facial gymnastics. These sports are not limited by place and time and do not use props. It is a method that anyone can easily do. The face-lifting exercise is easy and convenient, and the baby fat on the face can be reduced without surgery.

Face-lifting exercises must be done in the usual way to achieve a natural face-lifting effect. In addition to exercise, you can also use massage to reduce the face’s flesh. Then let’s talk about the method of losing face.

1.Expression sports
Make expressions in front of the mirror, try your best to exercise the facial muscles, and make a variety of expressions to relax the facial muscles, which will naturally have a thin face effect.

thin face exercise

2.Dimple exercise
To shape the dimple, first, apply pressure to the mouth and use your fingers to press the edge of the mouth. At this time, it will be better to force the mouth to contract. When doing dimple exercise, you can lose your face by doing the exercise 100 times with the feeling of trying to make the dimple bigger.

3. Facial Gymnastics
In the face-lifting exercise, facial gymnastics is a method that many people know. Facial gymnastics achieve a slimming effect by exercising facial muscles as much as possible. Open your mouth as hard as you can to thin your face effectively. Not only through exercise, but also through massage can achieve the effect of a thin face.

4. Thin face massage method
When watching TV or sleeping, use your middle finger to press the middle position where the ears and the face are connected. Pressing for 4 seconds and massaging can help the blood circulation of the face and effectively reduce the face.

Pressing and massaging in the middle of the eyes and nose and the middle of the eyes and ears can promote facial blood circulation and achieve the effect of slimming.

Put your fingers close together, place the palm of your hand on your chin, and then gently slide it from bottom to top. For the cheeks, use your thumb and forefinger to squeeze gently, and slowly massage from the sides of the nose to the ear; massage To the clavicle area, you can also use your palm to gently slide from top to bottom after applying skincare products to strengthen the elasticity and support of the chin and neck skin.

Are you optimistic about the above thin face exercise? You can lose face not only through exercise but also through massage, so you will definitely lose weight if you persist in doing it. I hope the above methods will help you.






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