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As Long As The Ways To Lose Weight By Running Is Correct, Losing 20 Pounds In Three Months Is Not A Dream

 The Right Ways To Lose Weight By Running

In fact, as long as the method of running and losing weight is correct, losing 20 pounds in 3 months is not a dream! Today I will tell you what kind of running weight-loss method can make us lose 20 pounds in three months?

1.Frequency of running
If we want to lose 20 pounds in three months, then we must strictly regulate our running frequency and the amount of running!
So to get thinner, we must complete the basic running volume, which is the most basic requirement! I recommend that you run at least six days a week, and it is best to run about 7km every day, which takes about 40 to 45 minutes, so as to achieve a good fat burning effect and help us lose weight!


2. maintain the best speed
The speed of running, our heart rate, the effect of fat burning, these three are combined! In general, different heart rates correspond to different effects! About 60% of the maximum heart rate belongs to the physical and mental rate, and 65% to 75 of the maximum heart rate is the best aerobic fat burning heart rate!
If your heart rate exceeds 85% of the maximum heart rate, or even reaches 90% or more, this is an anaerobic heart rate, which mainly burns glycogen! So I recommend that every friend who wants to run and lose weight adjust the heart rate to 65% to 75 of the maximum heart rate as much as possible!

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3. Calculation of heat
If you want to lose weight successfully, then we must get used to counting our daily calorie intake! Consumption is greater than intake so we can lose weight! Metabolic exercise belongs to the consumption diet and belongs to intake, so we must ensure that the calories consumed by metabolism plus exercise must be greater than the dietary intake!


So our most important thing is to keep our mouth shut, and we must eat reasonably and healthy! Breakfast is normal and nutrition, eggs, milk, bread! Eat coarse grains, chicken breasts, vegetables, fruits at noon, drink porridge at night, eat whole wheat bread, and reduce your calorie intake as much as possible!

For example, if you have free time at work, about ten minutes each time, you can do bobby jumps, push-ups, turn hula hoops, and skip ropes during these ten minutes. This can increase extra calories and help you lose weight!



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