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The Best Time To Swim To Lose Weight.

In the eyes of many people, swimming is just a summer water game, in fact, swimming can lose weight. But when you go swimming at different times, the effect of weight loss is different. Many people are used to swimming in the afternoon because they have time. So when do you think the best time to swim to lose weight? Let’s take a look together!


The best time to swim to lose weight

Swim around 2 hours after breakfast

The body’s metabolism is better in the morning, which is more conducive to exercise and fat burning. Moreover, the water temperature in the morning is relatively low. According to the principle of body temperature balance, the body will automatically adjust the body temperature, and the body will burn fat and glucose to supplement the calories consumed. However, in the morning, you should pay attention to the amount of swimming not too large. Half an hour is enough. Because swimming is a very expensive exercise, if the amount is too large, the human spirit will naturally decline, which will affect future study, work, and life.

The Best Time To Swim To Lose Weight.

Swimming about 40 minutes after dinner

According to scientific research, the most active period of the day is 15:00-21:00 in the afternoon, during which exercise is the best. And if you exercise before dinner because swimming consumes a lot of physical energy, you will definitely feel hungry, appetite, and eat more. After swimming, the body is relatively fatigued, and usually does not exercise after meals, and it is easy to gain weight if accumulated for a long time. Therefore, it is recommended to start swimming 40 minutes after dinner. Firstly, you will have sufficient physical strength, and secondly, you can burn calories and reduce fat.


Swimming 1 to 2 hours before bedtime

Why swimming before going to bed can produce good results? This is because the calorie-burning effect produced by exercise will not immediately return to the calorie consumption when not exercising. Generally speaking, the calorie consumption within a few hours after exercise will be several to tens of calories higher per hour than before exercise. So even if you sleep, you still continue to lose weight. What a wonderful thing.


The correct way to lose weight by swimming

1. Go all out when swimming. Keep the heart rate at about 80% of the maximum heart rate. In order to ensure this standard, count the number of pulses in 6 seconds against the watch every time you swim and add a “0” to the heart rate for 1 minute.

2. Minimize rest time. Halve the rest time during swimming until a round trip or interval time is reduced to 10 seconds.

3. Use kickboards. Water toys such as kickboards, hand paddles, fins, and lifebuoys not only help burn more calories but also exercise the muscles of the limbs.

4. Practice in time periods. Like the training of professional swimmers, the swimming is divided into four sections, and the rest is 15-30 seconds between sections. The specific arrangement is to swim 1 back and forth, then 2 back and forth, then 2 back and forth, and finally 1 back and forth. You must swim quickly at the end of each section.


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