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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Climbing Stairs To Lose Weight?

The Pros and cons of climbing stairs to lose weight.

In fact, if you want to lose weight, if the floors at work and at home are lower, office workers can climb the stairs to work or go home. This helps reduce the fat stored in your body. There are many advantages to climbing stairs, but there are also some disadvantages. So do you know the advantages and disadvantages of climbing stairs to lose weight?


Benefits of climbing stairs to lose weight

Improve gastrointestinal digestibility

Climbing stairs consumes a lot of physical energy, which can effectively enhance the function of the digestive system and enhance people’s appetite. Due to the need for the repeated hard exercise of the abdomen, the intestinal peristalsis is intensified, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of constipation.

The Pros and cons of climbing stairs to lose weight.

Obvious weight loss

The benefits of climbing stairs for weight loss are also very obvious. It can consume more calories. Because of the greater exercise intensity, climbing stairs can consume more calories from the body. Research results show that high-intensity interval exercise can slightly increase the heart rate after exercise. Interval training when the heart rate reaches 70% of the maximum heart rate can increase the excessive oxygen consumption after exercise, so that you will Make up for this oxygen consumption and consume an extra 80% of calories.


Improve flexibility of leg joints

It helps to keep the bones and joints flexible, avoid the appearance of rigidity, strengthen the strength of ligaments and muscles, and prevent degenerative changes. According to a set of comparative survey results conducted by the research center: 26 people each with basically the same age (56 years old) and physical condition were selected. After 8 years of tracking, none of the top 26 people who insisted on climbing stairs had leg arthropathy, and their muscles were very severe. Strong and powerful to walk. Then 26 people did not participate in this sport, nor did they participate in other sports. Among them, 12 people felt cold, numb, and weak in walking, and 14 people suffering from arthritis and joint stiffness.


Disadvantages of climbing stairs to lose weight

The main disadvantage of climbing stairs can easily cause knee injuries. When climbing stairs, the knee joint has to bear 3-4 times the weight, which makes the injury worse. Moreover, when climbing stairs, the knee flexion increases, and the pressure between the patella and femur also increases, which will aggravate knee joint pain.

In addition, climbing stairs is not suitable for everyone, such as people with joint diseases and female friends who wear too high heels. Climbing stairs may cause leg joint injuries. In addition, failure to relax the muscles after climbing the stairs can easily lead to the appearance of carrot legs.


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