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What Will Happen To Your Body If You Stop Training For 3 Months?

What Will Happen To Your Body If You Stop Training For 3 Months?

At the beginning of fitness, it is a kind of torture. People without certain perseverance, it is difficult to insist on making fitness a habit and give up, even some fitness veterans will enter the fatigue period, and suddenly do not want to exercise, think well Stopping and resting, a short rest recovery, can help us regain our habits, but if the time is too long, then many undesirable consequences may occur. For example, if you insist on fitness, you suddenly stop exercising for three months, and your body will What changes are there?
Since the New Year ’s holiday, many people have experienced the longest holiday in history. Although it was not deliberate, they were helplessly forced to stop training for 3 months. Let ’s take a look at what happens these three months.


Stop for 7 days
There will not be much change in your body. At most, there will be a little bit of desolation psychologically. I feel that there is something missing in my life. I feel that I ca n’t start with 2 hours of extra time every day.


Stop for 15 days
Your body’s maximum oxygen uptake is beginning to decline, that is to say, your cardiopulmonary function is beginning to be worse than the previous two weeks. At this time, if you do not control the intake of carbon water and other diets, your fat cells will also start to Trying it out, fat hoarding is waiting for you.

What will happen to your body if you stop training for 3 months?

Stop for 1 month
The overall quality of the body is not as good as before. In the past, I could go to the 20th floor in one breath. Now I have to breathe for a long time on the 20th floor. The running is not as fast as before, and the endurance is not as good as before. The abdominal muscles and chest muscles are covered.


Stop for 2 months
People start to become lazy, others tell you to play and kick, you do n’t want to move anymore, 2 hours before you suddenly stopped exercising, you have found an alternative to “play games lying down”, so more fat Starting to accumulate in the body, the body’s muscle mass began to shrink further. In the past, you were a mental guy with a muscle explosion. Now you are a human-shaped tank with a full face.


Stop for 3 months
“What is fitness? Exercise is impossible. I don’t want to cast iron in this life. It is more comfortable to be a happy fat man.” Because of his obvious decline in physical fitness, the courage to want to regain fitness has disappeared. At this time, if you don’t have enough confidence and perseverance to exercise, basically your body shape and fitness are no different from ordinary people.


Fitness is actually a process that has been struggling with oneself. The reason why athletes continue to practice every day is to keep the body’s memory from being forgotten by time. Therefore, if there is a real aversion to fitness For the emotion, the continuous stop time must not exceed 7 days. If you are forced to stop because of force majeure, it is best to do freehand training at home, skipping rope, etc. to maintain physical fitness and maintain habits.




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