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The Best Zero-based Fitness Program For Girls.

The Best Zero-based Fitness Program For Girls.

Now as the concept becomes more and more open, fitness is no longer a patent for boys. Many girls also want to become slim and have a body-building figure, so that they not only look good, but their bodies will become healthier, but girls are exercising The understanding may not be as good as that of boys, so before exercise, it is better to read a little more common sense and enrich it, then exercise will have a better effect. Today I will share with you a zero-based fitness program for girls, I hope you will like it.


 Do aerobic exercise
The reason why many girls want to exercise, the first is to lose weight, the second is to practice long legs and peach hips, these two purposes, no matter which one you want to achieve, you need to do aerobic exercise first, to reduce Take a look at your body fat rate and strengthen your body. Many girls now work in front of the computer for a long time, and their physical strength may not be very good, and aerobic exercise is usually mild, suitable for zero-based introductory exercises, such as jogging or swimming. It can not only give the body a period of adaptation but also effective Burn fat to make the lines better.

Fitness Program For Girls

Properly lift iron
When it comes to lifting iron, many girls will be particularly repulsive in their hearts. It feels that only those boys who want to develop muscles will desperately lift iron. This kind of idea is certainly right because lifting iron is really an increase for boys. A good method for muscles, but girls do n’t have to worry because muscle growth is positively related to testosterone, testosterone levels in boys are much more than girls, girls do n’t grow muscles by properly lifting iron. Will optimize your own lines and make yourself more slender.


Stretching exercises to keep up
In addition to aerobic exercise and iron lifting, girls can also do stretching exercises, because the muscles are easy to sore after exercise, relaxation is not good, and the body will be uncomfortable, so exercise, especially after high-intensity exercise, it is best to do Soft yoga moves, or before jogging, be prepared to do well.




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