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8 Fitness Basics Knowledge You Must Know.

8 Fitness Basics Knowledge You Must Know.

    1. Target muscle
    Be clear about where to train before doing the action. When doing a dumbbell bench press, make sure that the training sites are the upper pectoral muscles and the triceps, and have an exercise effect on the anterior beam of the deltoid muscle. After knowing the training muscle groups, the key point is to feel the force process of the target muscle, which is the most important.


    2. Action
    Fully understand the training actions of a certain part. For beginners, 3-4 actions of a part are enough. In the advanced stage, the training actions of a part can be increased to 8.


    3. Number of groups
    The number of groups refers to the number of groups performed for each action. Generally, 2-3 groups for beginners are enough, 4-6 groups for intermediate level, and 8-10 groups for advanced level.

8 Fitness Basics Knowledge

    4. Times of each group
    The concept of the number of times per group is very important. The number of times is the maximum number of times a dumbbell of a certain weight can be completed in each group. A group of 6 times or less is used to improve strength; 8-12 times are used to increase muscle mass; 15-25 times or more is used to improve muscle separation and sculpt muscle lines; 25 times or more is used to reduce fat;


     5. Weight
    The maximum weight is the weight that can only be completed once. 85% or more of the maximum weight is large weight; 65% -80% is medium weight; 65% or less is a small weight. Training with medium and heavy weights can increase strength and muscle circumference. Using medium and small weight training can improve muscle clarity, separation, and fineness and can reduce part of the fat.


    6. The time interval between groups
    This is a very important and easily overlooked concept. The time interval between groups refers to the rest time between the same action group and the group. Usually, the short interval is about 30-45 seconds, the middle interval is about 1 minute, and the longer interval is more than 1 minute and a half.


    7. Speed
    In fitness training, slow movements are generally adopted, which is suitable for most fitness training. Of course, certain fitness methods are not excluded, and the effect can be obtained by increasing the movement speed.


    8. Fitness frequency
    Normally beginners can do it 3 times a week, middle-level practitioners can practice 3-4 times a week, and high-level athletes can practice every day during the season, or even 2 times a day. Because the experiment shows that after a vigorous heavy exercise training, the physical function is at a declining level in 2-3 days, returning to the original level in 3-5 days, and excessive recovery will occur in 5-8 days! Therefore, many high-level elite athletes use the method of practicing each muscle group only once a week for routine training.



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