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Can I Slim Legs By Cycling? Here Are Some Suggestions.

Can I Slim Legs By Cycling? Here Are Some Suggestions.

Riding a bicycle can have the effect of skinny legs. Because the muscles of the legs will be in a state of motion when riding a bicycle, this can accelerate the burning of leg fat and effectively tighten the leg muscles, thereby helping to achieve the goal of thin legs. Cycling is an aerobic exercise. It can tighten muscles of the legs, promote blood circulation, burn fat, make legs thin, and keep weight on fat and edema legs.


Skinny or thick legs for cycling
Some people think that insisting on riding a bicycle instead of making your legs thin will make your legs thicker for two main reasons. On the one hand, they are muscle-type legs. They exercised their muscles on a bicycle to make them more visible. On the other hand, the legs are not stretched and relaxed after cycling. Therefore, if you want to get thin legs through cycling, you must first confirm whether your legs belong to the muscle type, and secondly, do foot relaxation after cycling.
How to ride a bike to lose weight


1, general 360-degree circular pedaling
Pedal method: Turn the “function switch” of the bicycle to the Normal position. It is the same as riding an ordinary bicycle.
Exercise site: quadriceps femoris muscles and gluteus maximus muscles in front of thighs.
Warm Tips: When riding a bicycle, women should pay attention not to buckle their legs inwardly. This will easily lead to the development of muscles outside the thigh, which will cause X-shaped legs.

two people to slim legs by cycling

2, simultaneous 360-degree circular pedaling with both feet
Pedal method: Turn the bicycle’s “function switch” to Multi and start multi-functional pedaling. Keep your feet in the same direction and perform circular pedaling at the same time.
Exercise area: hamstring muscles and lower abdomen muscles on the back of the thighs.
Reminder: This pedaling method is similar to the usual sitting posture of raising legs, which can achieve the training of the lower abdomen, and it has a significant training effect on the core muscles that cannot be exercised by ordinary bicycles.


3. Simultaneous pedaling with both feet
Pedal method: both feet move forward and backward, but only the first half of the upper and lower ring movement.
Exercise site: lower abdomen.

Reminder: There is no circulation in the second half of the circle, so it reduces a lot of inertia, mainly relying on the abdominal muscles to force, so the abdominal muscle training is more significant, and it can buffer the stimulation of the knee joint.
How long does it take to get on a bike?

 How long it takes for the thin legs of a bicycle to be effective is related to exercise time and exercise intensity. Generally, it can be seen for one month.


Maintaining a certain intensity of aerobic exercise for more than forty minutes can achieve the purpose of weight loss (fat burning). If the time is too short, it will consume the glycogen in the body. If the time is too long, it will cause exercise fatigue. The intensity of the heartbeat is about 120 per minute. The intensity is too high to maintain for such a long time, and the intensity is too small to achieve the purpose.


Therefore, the same is true for cycling. On the premise of forty minutes of riding, maintain intensity (regulated by speed or gradient) so that you don’t feel very tired after riding forty minutes. In this way, maintaining one month a week (not less than three times) should have obvious effects.




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