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How To Get Slim Calves?-5 Exercise Methods To Teach You To Get Slim Calves

5 Exercise Methods To Teach You To Get Slim Calves

Everyone has a beautiful heart, and everyone wants to have long legs. Skinny calves. Some girls have very thin thighs, but the calves are very thick. The size of the calves can even catch up with the thighs. How skinny legs are always a headache for girls. So, how to thin legs? What are the movements of thin legs? Let’s take a look at them together.

How to skinny calf

High leg exercise
Whether it is weight loss or skinny legs, exercise is inseparable. If you want to make your legs slim and beautiful, you must exercise more.

Get up ten minutes in the morning every morning, do a high leg lift exercise in the dormitory, 1 minute for each group, rest for a while before practicing the next group, repeat a total of five groups. High leg lift is the most commonly used and most effective thin leg exercise, which can fully exercise the thigh muscles and promote fat burning in the legs. Remember to insist on doing it every day. You can’t see any effect when fishing for three days and drying the net for two days.

A girl doing leg presses

Skinny legs exercise before bed
Lie on the bed before going to bed at night, straighten your body, raise the leg away from the bed as much as possible until it is perpendicular to the bed, repeat the action 20 times, then change to the other side to exercise, and repeat until the thigh feels weak.

This action is actually very simple, and every night in bed to practice before going to bed can be effective. Keep doing it for about 1 to 2 months, you will definitely find that the muscles on the inside of your thighs have started to become very tight, and the beauty of the lines on your legs is becoming more and more obvious.


Thin Elephant Leg Exercise
Take a supine position, crossing your ankles, bending your knees and placing your hands under your hips. Then lift your legs, straighten your knees, lift your crossed feet towards the ceiling, and stretch your knees as much as possible to achieve the effect of tightening your thighs. Repeat the action 15-20 times as a group, repeat 1-3 groups every day, you can see obvious results after 2 weeks.


Skinny calf massage
Make a fist with both hands and massage in circles from bottom to top of the ankle, all the way to the muscles around Achilles tendon. Then move your hands to the position of your calf, make a fist gesture, and massage from bottom to top. If your muscles are stiff, you can press them with your fingers. Then prepare a bath towel, and fold it to the back of your knees. Make a fist with both hands and massage in a circular motion along with the kneecap.


Bath Massage Skinny Thighs
When taking a shower, apply shower gel evenly on your legs, then find a place that is almost as high as your waist, lift one foot upon it, rub your legs with your hands from the base of your thighs to your knees, and rub them in the opposite direction. Rub each foot 50 times, although the arms will be sour, in order to achieve the dream of thin legs, girls must keep on.




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