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Why 80% Of People Fail To Lose Weight By Swimming, It Is Because These 3 Points Are Ignored!

Why 80% Of People Fail To Lose Weight By Swimming

We all know that swimming can consume very high calories in a short period of time. Many people just like this and often choose swimming to lose weight and shape. ?

In fact, insufficient exercise, incorrect posture, and poorly controlled swimming speed may all be factors that cause swimming to lose weight. Today, I will teach you some correct swimming weight loss methods to help you quickly lose fat!


1 exercise is enough
One of the reasons 80% of people do not swim well to lose weight is insufficient exercise. When people choose to exercise to lose weight, they must be aerobic to burn fat, but short-term exercise can only make people in the stage of anaerobic exercise, energy consumption mainly depends on the decomposition of sugar, and has not burned fat.
Only by continuing to exercise will the body begin to enter the aerobic phase. Fat can burn at this time so that the effect of weight loss can be achieved. Therefore, the swimming time should be more than 40 minutes before starting to consume fat.


2 Choose the right swimming position
Swimming is a kind of whole-body exercise, but the body parts exercised by different swimming positions are different. You can choose the swimming position that suits you according to your physical condition.

a man Lose weight by swimming
Thin waist-butterfly stroke
During the butterfly stroke, the arm strokes inward, similar to the chest expansion exercise. It exerts more force on the pectoralis major, latissimus dorsi and rectus abdominis. At the same time, butterfly strokes use the waist to move the body. Long-term swimming can help eliminate waste fat and create beautiful lines.

Skinny legs-breaststroke
The breaststroke is mainly a kick-clamp action. During breaststroke, the thighs should be fully expanded and contracted. Such movements will more often use thigh quadriceps. Therefore, it can effectively strengthen the legs and help eliminate the fat on the inner thighs.

Thin arms-freestyle
In freestyle, the biceps and triceps of the upper arm are more vigorous, which can effectively exercise the arm muscles. In addition, freestyle swimming can also make the hip muscles strong and elastic, and also have a certain effect on improving the strength of the shoulder muscles.

Beauty back-backstroke
In the backstroke, the latissimus dorsi muscles are more vigorous, which can make the back muscles stretch well. For white-collar workers in sedentary offices, backstroke is helpful to relieve discomfort such as back pain. In addition, you need to lift your hips while backstroking, which is also an exercise for your hips.


3 Control your swimming speed
Many people swim slowly, which consumes far fewer calories than fast short-distance swimming, but for most people, it is difficult to swim fast all the way. Therefore, you can use one slow tour followed by one fast tour, two slow tours followed by two fast tours, in this way to improve the effect of sports.
If you stick to it for 3 months, you can have a good slimming effect.




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