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Can I Reduce Belly Fat By Walking For More Than Half An Hour?

Ways To Reduce Belly Fat By Walking

Can I Reduce Belly Fat By Walking For More Than Half An Hour? Walking is a good way to reduce your belly and weight. If you want to have a slim abdomen, you need to exercise regularly and get tired of running. Otherwise, try walking fast. It’s no longer difficult to lose weight by walking. It’s just that you have to master a good way to ensure that you drive away from the belly.

Go faster than walk slowly
Fast walking consumes 5 times more belly fat than slow walking. That is if you walk fast three times a week. Each time is not long, 15-30 minutes, far less than walking twice a week, walking for an hour or two each time can reduce the belly, even if the total calories consumed by the two methods are the same. These quick walks can save you nearly 10 kilograms in eight weeks. In addition to reducing the weight of the abdomen, the fat in the buttocks and legs is also increased by 3 times, and the overall weight is reduced by 4 times.


1. How fast is brisk walking?
According to your physical condition, walk at a speed of about 100-120 steps per minute, reaching a point of slight asthma, a significant acceleration of heartbeat, and a conversation.

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2. Hurry to pay attention
The stride when walking is about 2 times larger than usual; the speed is controlled at a speed of about 6 kilometers per hour; keeping the elbow at 90 degrees during walking can make the back feel moving; brisk walking can be done with stretching and squatting, doing 3 per week -4 times.

Keep Dantian breathing while walking
Dantian breathing method is the abdominal breathing method. The so-called abdominal breathing method refers to a breathing method in which the abdomen is raised during inhalation, and the abdomen is compressed to be recessed during exhalation.


The specific approach is:
1. With your legs wide and shoulder-width apart, put your hands on Dan Tian, ​​and be aware of changes in the abdomen.
2. Inhale through your nose and feel that your belly is gradually bulging.
3. Exhale slowly with your mouth, and exhale in 20 seconds.


Walking with high legs
Raising the legs high can increase the movement of the leg muscles and waist and abdominal muscles, especially the strength and elasticity of the oblique muscles. Persistence in exercise can help prevent a small stomach and maintain a healthy posture.
Method: Lift your legs as high as possible; to maintain balance, raise your arms accordingly; at the same time you lift your legs, you must force your abdomen; your legs should be raised so that the angle between your thighs and your abdomen is as close to 90 degrees as possible; Walk slowly, 20 steps at a time, 2 times a day.

Tips: When performing a high leg lift exercise, you should reduce the walking speed to maintain the balance of the body; the height of the leg lift should be gradually increased, do not pursue one time; exercise intensity should vary from person to person, and people with damaged hip joints are not suitable to do this exercise.


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