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What is the simple fitness method?


What is the simple fitness method?


When it comes to fitness, most people think of gym fitness, but what I want to share today is a simple fitness method at home.


The first is to develop a habit of getting up 40 to 60 minutes earlier in the morning;


The second is to run in the morning, just run the body to a little heat, as a necessary preparation before exercise every morning;


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The third is to do gymnastics or learn some basic movements of simple yoga. Pay attention: if you exercise in the early stage, first pursue the shape, and then refine it after you master it well in the later stage;


Fourth, when you exercise every morning, take a deep breath and try your best to whistle to the sky with one breath (it can exercise and improve your lung capacity, confidence, and voice). Do more in-situ jump exercises every day (which can effectively promote your body height, muscle strength, and line beauty, and at the same time improve your jumping ability, explosive power, endurance, running speed, and starting speed), and more horizontal and parallel bars exercises.


Fifth, prepare a glass of boiled water before going to bed every day. The first thing after getting up in the morning is to drink warm water on an empty stomach. Bad state; third, it has the effect of cleaning up garbage in the body, improving the digestive function of the body; fourth, it can eliminate all kinds of physical discomforts that can occur when you get up in the morning and exercise), get up in the morning and drink water on an empty stomach. After getting used to it, you must every day Drink more than 400ml;


Sixth, you must have a full meal every morning, and you must also eat well and be full at noon. However, it is best to eat less or no pasta for dinner. Because it is easier to get fat at dinner time, you must control it well.


Seventh, two hours after dinner, you can go out and do push-ups, horizontal bars, or do handstands, push-ups, and sit-ups at home or in your dormitory. You only need to exercise until your body becomes hot. Wait until your body adapts to increase your exercise.


As long as you can persist for a long time and develop a good and healthy exercise style, you will surely be able to lose weight.


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