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The difference between fitness and bodybuilding?

The difference between fitness and bodybuilding?



I believe many people know about fitness, but once you put bodybuilding and fitness together, you will get confused. Now let me give you a brief introduction, the difference between fitness and bodybuilding?


Fitness is the primary stage of bodybuilding. It refers to all physical activities for the purpose of enhancing and improving the adaptability of the body. Such as weight training, running, aerobic dance, hiking, mountain climbing or water sports, etc. In addition, like other competitive sports, due to their purpose, they all have the effect and intention of improving the adaptability of the body, which can also be called fitness sports. For example, training that can improve muscle strength or muscle endurance.



bodybuilding training



Bodybuilding training is a kind of fitness exercise, but it cannot be said that fitness exercise is bodybuilding exercise. The biggest difference between fitness or bodybuilding and other sports is that it allows you to grow appropriately developed muscles to fill the lack of inborn body shape. The core content of bodybuilding in bodybuilding training is to develop and build muscles to obtain a strong and beautiful body, and its fundamental attribute is competition.


Bodybuilding has strict requirements for leg strength and muscle separation and texture. Not only to achieve the purpose of fitness, but also to have extraordinary health and extraordinary perseverance for training, so that the muscles of each muscle group of the body are full, beautiful in shape, clear muscle lines, and well-proportioned. The athletes’ shoulders, backs, and abdomen are well-proportioned. The circumference of the various muscles such as the legs is also a reference for aesthetics.


Bodybuilding is not a blind pursuit of being big and strong. It is to achieve coordination and symmetry on the basis of fully developed muscles. If you measure the finished muscles from the perspective of professional bodybuilding, it’s not just how big the muscles are. It also depends on whether the sebum, subcutaneous water is low enough, the muscle fullness, strength, density, scale, and shape are ideal. Finally, we must look at the overall effect, proportion, symmetry, coordination, and beauty.


At a certain stage, borrowing a little ordinary strength training technique can make the physique bigger. But if you use too much strength training with super-heavy weights, and don’t pay attention to the fine sculpting of the physique, and the coordination and symmetry of the physique, you will not get the ideal bodybuilding physique in the end.




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