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What Happens If You Don’t Run In Winter,You Need To Know

What Happens If You Don’t Run In Winter, You Need To Know

Movement is like sailing against the water.
As the saying goes, winter practice is three nine summer practice is three volts, three days without practice goes back six months. Runners, do you insist on running?

It is important to know that winter training is an important stage in the formation of a competitive state. The formation of the best competitive state for athletes depends on the scientific nature of the winter training plan and the effect of implementation. The winter training of runners focuses on technology and strength. Techniques include starting technology and full-rhythmic running technology. Strength training is characterized by high intensity and diverse training methods. It focuses on developing the strength of hip muscle groups, highlighting rapid strength, Balance strength training.


The question is coming. In the cold weather, many runners really feel unable to exercise, but do you know how much it would cost them to refuse winter training? When the body accustomed to exercise suddenly stops, the body’s cardiopulmonary function, muscle endurance and strength, and flexibility will decrease to varying degrees.

Run In Winter

Scott Weiss, an exercise physiologist at the American Academy of Sports Medicine, believes that 2 weeks is a turning point in time. At this time, there will be a large number of physiological changes that indicate a physical decline. Moving, your speed, endurance, and flexibility will decrease as a result.


The most obvious is the decline in endurance. After 2 weeks, you will obviously feel inadequate during exercise. This is because the “VO2MAX”, which reflects the physical endurance index, decreased by about 10%. After stopping exercise for 4 weeks, it will continue to decrease by about 15%, and after 3 months, it will drop by 20%.


From another perspective, your body’s ability to break down lactic acid will also decrease, which means that your body’s lactic acid value will decrease. When you use the original exercise intensity to exercise, the speed of removing lactic acid from the body can’t keep up with the speed of production. Lactic acid starts to accumulate in the blood, and the concentration rises rapidly, making your body unable to keep up, and your endurance will drop significantly.


Second, the muscle fibers that you worked hard to build will also shrink. Studies have confirmed that two weeks of rest can reduce your muscle mass, capillary size, and density to varying degrees. When you lose your previous training style and intensity, the decline in muscle mass can lead to loss of muscle strength, endurance, and adaptation to neuromuscular training. Because no longer exercising makes muscle fibers realize that they don’t need to store energy, they will store less glycogen, causing a type of muscle fiber to shrink.

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