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When To Use The Postpartum Waist Trainer Belt, Is The Postpartum Waist Trainer Useful?

When To Use The Postpartum Waist Trainer Belt?

When to use the postpartum waist trainer belt, is the postpartum waist trainer useful? After the birth, many mothers were actually curious about how this postpartum waist trainer belt was worn. Because most mothers may wear a belly band when they are giving birth, this thing is still very good for mothers. Since it appeared, it is very friendly to all mothers, so most mothers I still like it. So when is the plastic belly band used after delivery?


When to use postpartum body shaping belt
It is recommended to wear an abdomen strap immediately after delivery. If it is a cesarean section, it can be worn directly after the operation. It can also effectively protect the incision of the cesarean section, and can promote the contraction of the uterus and increase the elasticity of the abdominal skin. Natural delivery, it can be worn after 2 hours of observation without obvious bleeding. According to different seasons and different abdominal circumferences, you should choose a suitable abdominal belt, such as hot summer, you should choose a thin and breathable abdominal belt, otherwise it is easy to sweat and induce prickly heat. If abdominal distension occurs and the gastrointestinal motility is slow after caesarean section, the abdominal band will inhibit intestinal motility. You can properly relax the abdominal band or untie the abdominal band for 1 hour before continuing to wear it.

Postpartum Waist Trainer Belt

After 7 days of childbirth, if the new mother needs to perform more vigorous activities or return to work early, you can also use the abdomen belt for a short time. But after putting on for an hour or two, you should untie it and let your waist and belly relax for a while. During pregnancy, the uterus enlarges and the abdominal wall relaxes, plus too much effort during normal delivery, will cause the belly to become larger and the abdominal muscles loose after delivery. Therefore, it is beneficial to use a belly band within one week after delivery, and it is best to start using it on the third day after delivery. However, the abdomen belt can not be tied all day long, it should be untied when lying in bed or sitting and resting, and then tied when you get out of bed. Because long-term use of the abdomen belt will affect blood circulation, limit the activities of the psoas muscles and abdominal back, and prolong the recovery time.


Therefore, it is recommended that mothers who give birth naturally use a belly band for body shaping only one month after delivery. The general doctor will recommend that the caesarean section mother use the restraint strap after the wound is completely healed, usually after 2 months. Abdominal bands can help mothers who have a caesarean section to fix the wound, help the wound heal, and prevent visceral sagging.




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