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The Postpartum Mother Wears Shapewear To Experience Feelings, A Mother’s Self-report

The Postpartum Mother Wears Shapewear To Experience Feelings

I am a postpartum mother. I have been using bodysuits for three months after birth. I have been wearing them for three months now. Tell me about my true feelings about bodysuits. It is said that confinement is a chance for a woman to change her physique. In order to give milk, I eat confinement meals every day, and I gain weight quickly. After a month of confinement, the fat on my stomach can’t bear to look straight, 100 pounds before pregnancy, 140 pounds after pregnancy, 40 pounds of extra fat makes me collapse, the meatiest part is still on my stomach, and I do n’t wear any clothes, which leads me to lose confidence in life. Fortunately, my girlfriend introduced me After wearing this postpartum shapewear, my belly was put away in seconds, which is amazing.

postpartum mother wears shapewear

Shapewear are still very effective for the abdomen and mother’s buttocks. The figure of the waist circumference of the tummy just dropped is about 6-8 cm (maybe because the belly meat is relatively soft). The waist shape will be available immediately ~ Waking up in the morning and wearing it before taking a bath in the evening, I naturally wore it for 10 hours. I did n’t like it. Although it was a bit stressful when I first wore a bodysuit, the longer I wear it, the more I am used to it. The abdomen belts that I wear sometimes are more comfortable. I have also used some branded sculpting clothes after childbirth. In contrast, this shapewear introduced by my girlfriends is comfortable to wear and can warm your belly.


Let’s talk about some special highlights of this bodysuit. Its abdomen has silver fiber fabric, which has the effect of anti-radiation, antibacterial and constant warming. This is very practical for postpartum mothers. Know that postpartum mothers give birth The posterior uterus is very fragile and requires long-term maintenance and repair, and this body shaper has the effect of preventing radiation. I am not afraid that I usually touch my abdomen when playing mobile phones, and I am not afraid that the radiation brought by the mobile phone will hurt my uterus. In addition, when wearing this bodysuit, you can always feel the obvious warmth in your stomach, which is very comfortable and warm.


On the whole, I am very satisfied. If like me, it is recommended to wear body-building clothes after giving birth, this brand of shapewear is indeed worth recommending.



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