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Resume War After Childbirth. Don’t Make These Mistakes!

Resume War After Childbirth.

From birth in October to the birth of a baby, women have undergone tremendous changes in body and mind. In order to make the body recover as soon as possible, many women have invested in post-natal recovery battles. However, the haste is not enough, so that the mothers took a lot of detours on the way to post-natal care. The following four mistakes must not be made.


01. Did not go for postpartum inspection
After 42 days of puerperium rest and recuperation, the general post-partum mother will feel that her body has basically recovered, but how well her body recovers, whether the baby is normal, must also be checked after postpartum inspection. Therefore, 6-8 weeks after delivery, you should go to the hospital for a comprehensive postpartum examination. If you do not do the examination, you will not find the abnormality in time and deal with it as soon as possible. It is easy to delay treatment or leave the disease.

Resume War After Childbirth

02. Wear a bodysuit prematurely
Wearing tight shaping underwear will affect the health of the body and is not conducive to recovery after childbirth, especially for caesarean section. Experts suggest that it is best to start wearing one month after delivery. However, nursing mothers should still use nursing bras.


03. Do strenuous exercise prematurely
It is not advisable to lie still for a long time after delivery, but at the same time, do not rush to achieve success and do vigorous exercise prematurely. But be sure to exercise according to your situation. Some mothers are eager to recover their bodies, and they begin to exercise heavily or exercise more vigorously during the month. In this way, it will affect the recovery of the organs that have not yet recovered, and it will also affect the healing of the caesarean section or lateral wound.


04. dieting prematurely
Even if the mothers want to lose weight quickly, they should not lose weight by dieting for at least 42 days after delivery. Women who are in the post-natal recovery period are very weak and have wide-open bone joints, which are prone to confinement symptoms such as post-natal back pain. And in order to meet the needs of postpartum breastfeeding, nutrition should be properly strengthened, if the consequences of mandatory dieting at this time may be more serious than imagined.



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