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Can Waist Trainer Be Worn At Night?

Can Waist Trainer Be Worn At Night?

Can waist trainer be worn at night?
Wearing a waist trainer at night can easily cause poor blood circulation. If the blood circulation is not good, it will also cause edema, which will not play an effective role in weight loss and shaping. If it is not necessary, do not wear it at night. Just like our pajamas are loose, we must maintain a natural and comfortable state when sleeping at night. Not only can we have a good sleep, it can help improve work and study efficiency, and it is also beneficial to health.

Can waist trainer be worn at night?

How long does the waist trainer wear every day
Do not wear the waist trainer for more than 8 hours a day. The waist trainer improves the elasticity of the underwear by adding elastic yarns. At the same time, it handles the local elasticity when weaving, so that the underwear shape conforms to the human body curve, and the contraction force is increased in individual parts to achieve the effect of correcting body shape and body shaping. Experts point out that some women currently use the waist trainer as a weight-loss garment. In fact, the main function of the waist trainer is to adjust the distribution of body fat so that the curve is beautiful rather than weight loss. The longer the waist trainer is worn, the better the body shaping effect. In fact, the waist trainer should not be worn for more than 8 hours in a day, because the waist trainer will slow down the basic metabolism of the human body. In addition, the waist trainer is not as tight as possible, excessively squeezing the body will affect normal breathing.


Pay attention to wearing a waist trainer
When the human body continues to move, the muscles of the shoulders of the upper limbs continue to move, and the over-tight underwear rubs frequently in a small area of ​​the skin. Over a long period of time, these muscles can be fatigued excessively and the blood circulation is impaired and aging. It causes discomfort and soreness in the back muscles. In addition, the tight underwear and waist trainer also restrict the movement of the respiratory muscles, and the thoracic contraction and relaxation are not smooth, which affects the respiratory function, resulting in insufficient ventilation of the two lungs, causing chest tightness, shortness of breath and other symptoms. Therefore, we must choose a reasonable waist trainer.




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