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Several Major Misunderstandings Of Sports Weight Loss.

Several Major Misunderstandings Of Sports Weight Loss.

Everyone admires exercise to lose weight. Exercise is very simple, but in fact, there are a lot of precautions. If you happen to be a misunderstanding exercise, you may be self-defeating. So what are the misunderstandings that sports are easy to fall into?


Exercise immediately after a meal?

Can I exercise immediately after a meal? Must say no. Generally, after eating a full meal, most of the blood in the human body is concentrated in the stomach and liver. If you exercise immediately, the stomach that stores a lot of food will first cause the stomach that stores a lot of food to keep pulling the ligaments that fix the stomach because of the bumps, which will loosen the ligaments in the long term. Causes stomach ptosis.


It is recommended to rest for 1-2 hours after each meal before exercising. For people who regularly participate in sports, take a rest for about 30 minutes after eating, except for strenuous exercise.

Several Major Misunderstandings Of Sports Weight Loss.


Fasting exercise to lose fat faster?

Do not exercise on an empty stomach. Some people mistakenly think that exercise on an empty stomach will reduce fat faster, but it is not. Exercises with a low intensity such as yoga and jogging can be carried out on an empty stomach. At this time, the content of glycogen in the body is relatively low. After exercise, the body will stimulate the body to mobilize more fat for energy. The fat reduction effect is better than that of rice. After exercise. But don’t exercise if you have a clear hunger pang. If it is a relatively high-intensity exercise, such as high-intensity aerobic interval, strength training, etc., it is not recommended to do it on an empty stomach. After a large amount of glycogen in the body is consumed, it is easy to cause hypoglycemia, such as dizziness, fatigue, and palpitation.


Fasting exercise is not hungry exercise. Only after taking in a banana or a piece of bread and sufficient water can the blood sugar balance in the body be better maintained, and at the same time, it is efficient to burn fat! It is not advisable to exercise too early in the morning. If you wake up early, you should eat breakfast first, depending on your digestion, half an hour or 1 hour after a meal, and then exercise.


There are certain misunderstandings in exercise, but many friends do not know it, but in fact, only the correct exercise method can achieve the effects of weight loss and weight loss with half the effort. I hope everyone can avoid the misunderstandings mentioned above. , We must be a sports expert with common sense and the correct fitness methods!


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